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Get a Humana One Dental or Vision Plan in Dallas Texas for Under $14 a Month!

We Searched Every Dental Plan in Dallas to Find the Most Affordable Dental Plan . Humana’s  Dental Plans Consistently Offered the Best Value for the Money!

Dental Insurance Texas. No Waiting Period Dental . Humana Dental Texas. Delta Dental Texas. Discount Dental Plans. Texas Vision Insurance. Contact Us.

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Dallas Most Affordable Dental Insurance Plan!

About HumanaOne dental insurance in Dallas Texas:

What makes HumanaOne Dental  in Texas a company you can count on? HumanaOne Dental is a division of Humana Inc. With over 11 million medical members, Humana Inc. is one of the nation's largest publicly traded health benefits companies.

And now, Humana is bringing that kind of affordable and trusted coverage to individual dental and vision care to Dallas residents.

HumanaOne Dental and Vision Plans are designed to help Dallas residents save money. With the recent acquisition of CompBenefits, our network is bigger and better than ever. We've updated and rebranded the CompBenefits Direct site under the HumanaOne Dental name. This new site will make it easy to find a trusted, participating dentist or vision care provider near you. You will be well-taken care of at HumanaOne. Every step of the way has been designed to provide you with a simple and hassle-free experience. HumanaOne always puts individuals first.

Don't delay. Get affordable Humana dental insurance in Dallas Texas today.

Dallas Humana One Preventive Plus Plan Benefits

With the Preventive Plus plan, you can choose to visit any dentist in our network. There are more than 120,000 dentist locations in-network dentists nationwide to choose from. Even though you have the option of paying monthly or yearly, this is a one year plan.

Plan features include:

•No co-payments for office visits

•Annual Deductibles: $50 for an individual, $100 for a two person plan, $150 for a family

•Most preventive services covered 100 percent with in-network providers

•With in-network providers, many basic services are covered 50 percent and you get a discount on most major services

•No waiting period for preventive services; six month wait for basic services

•$1,000 annual maximum per person per year

•No exclusions for pre-existing conditions

•Freedom to visit any provider, no primary care dentist required

Keep in mind that any of our affordable dental care plans can be added to your medical plan and coverage is available for individuals and families. Plus, there is no underwriting, which means you will not be disqualified for pre-existing conditions.

We’ve Done the Homework for You!  We’ve Shopped all the Dental Insurance Carriers in Texas and Humana One’s Dental Plans Still the Best Value for Your Hard Earned Money!

Plans From $13.99 a Month! Complete Your Application & Enroll Online. In Under 5 Minutes! (Click Here)

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